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Adichie who is based in America in an Instagram post gave her thoughts on the crisis and how she is coping with it.

The 42-year-old revealed how worried she is about her husband who goes out every day to work as a doctor and her elderly parents.

“Coronavirus is a menace in the air, a menace inside our heads. Every day I am reminded of how fragile, how breakable we are⁣,” she said.

⁣⁣”My husband is a doctor and each morning when he leaves for work, I worry. My daughter coughs and I worry.

“My throat itches and I worry. On Facetime I watch my elderly parents. I admonish them gently: Don’t let people come to the house. Don’t read the rubbish news on WhatsApp.⁣⁣”

In her post, the novelist also talked about the resilience needed during this pandemic some tips on how to stay sane.

“This is a time to cope in the best way we can. There are moments when our spirits will sag,” she said.

“I cannot imagine thinking of over-achieving, or of accomplishing more than usual, when all around you the world as you know it has changed, perhaps never to return to what it used to be.

“And yet we must continue to go on day by day. We must choose to live.

“And to do so we can set small goals. Like drink more water, if you’ve spent the past ten years wanting to be more hydrated. Like learn something every day, no matter how small.

“Like call loved ones – not text them, call them. Like help someone – with a small cash transfer, an encouraging message, a shared laugh.⁣⁣”

Born to a family of six in Enugu, Adichie is one of the most prominent writers from Africa. With several bestsellers to her name, she has also become known for her strong advocacy for women.

In the United States where she is based, there are 644,188 confirmed cases of coronavirus with 28,579 deaths while in Nigeria, where her parents her based, there are 407 cases and 12 deaths.



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