Children at the age of 5-12 are to receive the vaccine in Finland

Finland will expand its vaccination programme to include children progressed five to 12 as the country faces record Covid infections, health officers said on Wednesday. 

Children at the age of 5-12 are to receive the vaccine in Finland

 “ I’m awaiting that vaccinations can start incontinently after Christmas,” elderly health ministry functionary Taneli Puumalainen told a press conference. 
 Until now only children in vulnerable groups of that age have been eligible for the poke. 

 The measure comes alongside new restrictions to check Christmas drinking and strain border controls agreed by the governing coalition late on Tuesday. 
 “ We're buying further time to make sure Omicron doesn't pose a serious public trouble,” minister Krista Kiuru told the press conference. 

 Bars in Finland will stop serving alcohol at 900 pm on Christmas Eve. A three-week alcohol deals ban once 500 pm will also apply to bars and caffs from December 28. 
 Regional authorities will be advised to ban large gatherings similar as sporting events and musicales with unallocated seating, while universities will be advised to move to distance tutoring. 
 Meanwhile, EU citizens arriving at the Finnish border will be needed to show a negative Covid test indeed if vaccinated, in an extension of a policy which preliminarily only applied tonon-EU and high- threat areas. 

 Finland has maintained some of Europe’s smallest prevalence rates throughout the epidemic, but the country of5.5 million is now facing record infection situations, with further than new coronavirus cases in the once two weeks. 
 Speaking on Tuesday night, Prime Minister Sanna Marin said the government will begin preparing a support package to compensate hospitality businesses affected by the restrictions. 

 “ We must take this situation seriously and reply consequently,” Marin said. 
 In recent weeks Finland has endured a sharp rise in new infections, with health authorities registering a aggregate of Covid cases. 
Yet the country’s census of Covid- related deaths equates to one of the smallest casualty rates in Europe.