Boomplay x Merlin advertise Licencing Agreement Expansion

Boomplay, one of Africa’s leading music streaming service and Merlin, the independent’s digital music empowering mate, moment, blazoned an expansion of their licensing agreement that will extend the vacuity of Merlin members’music roster to 47 fresh countries in Africa.

Boomplay x Merlin advertise Licencing Agreement Expansion

In 2019, Merlin inked a licensing deal covering 11 countries with Boomplay, which now has over 60 million Yearly Active Druggies and boasts a rich and extensive roster of over 65 million tracks, housing the most expansive roster of African content encyclopedically. The expansion of Boomplay’s licensing deal with Merlin will give millions more African music suckers across the mainland access to the stylish original and transnational music from Merlin members’incredibly different canons.

Boomplay has been at the van of helping the African music assiduity unlock its full eventuality by securing successful hookups with the world’s largest markers and distributors, laboriously supporting artists through colorful elevations and auspices, amongst others, and easing collaborations that aim to ease data costs for music suckers in Africa.

This expansion, along with Boomplay’s recent cooperation with Billboard that enlists Boomplay’s aqueducts as part of the data that informs the prestigious Billboard Charts, reaffirms their commitment to icing African music is heard worldwide.

This licensing expansion also emphasizes Merlin’s commitment to drive new value for its members, including access to new cult across Africa, while offering a richer music experience for Boomplay druggies.

Boomplay’s Director of Content & Strategy, Phil Choi, said

. “ As our stoner base and service grows fleetly across the mainland, it’s important that we've the right mates to continue on this trip with us, and to grow and support the original music assiduity. As the world leader in independent music rights, we ’re pleased that Merlin shares the same vision as us and together with Boomplay’s advantages in the digital music sector and Merlin’s top- quality roster of songs, we can look forward to a seeking musiceco-system for numerous times to come.

Charlie Lexton, Merlin’s Susurrus, added,

. “ Through this expanded cooperation, Boomplay druggies from the recently opened homes can now pierce Merlin members’ expansive roster of homegrown and transnational music across all types of stripes and an array of languages. We're agitated to see Boomplay grow their reach and offer their service to new druggies across Africa.”

About Boomplay

Boomplay is a music streaming service handed by TranssnetMusic. The company has indigenous services in Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania, Cote d’Ivoire and Cameroon.

The service is available encyclopedically on mobile through the Google Play Store for Android, App Store for iOS and on the web Boomplay has over 60 million Yearly Active Druggies (MAUs), with a roster of over 65 million songs.

About Merlin

Merlin provides independents the means to enjoy their future. Merlin is a member led, music concentrated association furnishing digital music licensing for independents across the globe.

Members profit from Merlin’s decoration deals, but work directly with crucial digital mates. Our class consists of independent markers, distributors, and other rights- holders, representing knockouts of thousands of markers and hundreds of thousands of artists from every country in the world. Merlin works collaboratively with our digital mates, delivers value back to those digital mates, and seeks to drive other incremental benefits to our members.

Merlin has coffers in London, New York, North Carolina, the Netherlands, and Tokyo.

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